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Pine Bark Mulch Bag
Pine Bark Mulch Bark
  • Density supports vegetative growth within mulch

  • Particulate size range from dust to 5/8 square inches

  • Works as a soil conditioner

  • Limits weed resistance and makes weeding easier

  • Decomposes more rapidly than coarse pine bark

  • Available in palletized 2 cubic foot bags

  • Available in bulk by the cubic yard


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Kamlar is a mulch wholesaler. Normal order quantities are tractor-trailer loads. A tractor-trailer load consists of 22 pallets or 80 cubic yards if ordering bulk material. Minimum Purchase Quantities for customer pick up at one of our plants: One pallet of bagged product (approximately 70 bags) or 8 cubic yards of bulk. Bulk pick up requires a 24-foot farm truck with 4-foot sides. Before coming to plants for bulk pick up, please call 252-443-2576.

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